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The lodge continues to record all possible information about location, health, and death of its members. The Red Cross is still receiving large donations for its work. In 1951 the lodge donated another $500 to the Y.M.C.A’s rehabilitation program.
Travel being very easy now, larger groups of members traveled to the State and National Elks Conventions each year. Larger groups were joining in Elks activities at the local lodge and membership was still growing.

1952 saw the first Elks “Tom and Jerry Party”. If you remember 1952 you will also know that television was the big thing now (no colored TV yet). $10 was donated to the Soldiers and Sailors Home at Knightstown to purchase a television set for the colored ward. The 50’s also saw the development of the Heart Fund, the Blood Bank, and the Cancer Society. The local lodge donated regularly to these two organizations. The First Aid unit was in the middle of a Fund Drive to build a new place to house the First Aid.

Near the end of the 1950’s the Charity donations were topping $2000 per year, with 90% of the donations going to Youth in Henry County. Americans were over the Korean War, and men were getting back to work here in the County.
In the 1960’s the club saw a major expansion to the building with the addition of the new dining room and bar area added to the south of the home. Donations were continuing to be given to area Youth in the form of sponsoring sports teams, sending youth to camp, and giving scholarships. In addition donations were made to charity for the needy, cancer society, the Y.M.C.A., Clothe a Child, Charity Christmas Baskets, and the Robinson Youth Center as well as other groups.
The lodge saw yet another war in the 60’s. The Vietnam War. Member’s sons and daughters were going to war this time. The younger men were not joining the club as readily as their fathers had. Membership continued to grow, but at a slower pace.

Through the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s the club has continued to grow to more than 600 members. The use of the club facilities and as an organization has grown dramatically by the women of Henry County, with the first Women being permitted to join as a frill member in 1998. The club has developed into a positive Henry County Organization that continues to be devoted to Charity, Justice, Brotherly Love and Fidelity. The charities and activities in which the Elks help to support each year continues to grow. No one knows what the future holds, but all B.P.O. Elks members will continue to donate their time and money to help others. They will continue to show brotherly love and fidelity. And, each Elk members will continue to support Justice ( and freedom) for all.